Haoda gives sewing machines to church

The National, Wednesday July 13th, 2016

Central Governor Kila Haoda delivered 10 sewing machines to the Vavak United Church Womens Fellowship group over the weekend.
The machines will be used for sewing uniforms for church activities.
Village elder Bae Gure thanked Haoda for the sewing machines and commended him for promoting the efforts of women in the province.
“We have been electing leaders before but government services were not delivered, especially along the Rigo coast and inland LLGs. But now we are receiving much-needed services from our governor,” Gure said.
“We now have the governor who just walks in and provides the services. This is the type of leader we need.”
Meanwhile, Haoda’s first secretary Michael Ligo opened three new staff houses for Rilo Primary School in Vavaka village.
Ligo acknowledged the locals for using K100,000 donated by the governor for the construction of the houses.
“Our governor is now delivering services throughout the province. These are services which have been neglected for so many years,” he said.
The Rilo Primary School headmaster Walter Pala acknowledged the governor’s efforts and said it was a surprise to have the three staff houses built after 20 years.