Hard-nosed approach needed to combat graft

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 15th, 2013

 I AM not trying to question the efforts of the men and women in blue uniform in apprehending the perpetrators responsible for the brutal murder of Peter Waieng. 

It is a mammoth task to arrest them while other accomplices are still at large. 

Only time will tell when the police will round them up to be tried.

I applaud Deputy Commissioner Simon Kauba and his team for their resilience and relentlessness in pursuing the killers. 

However, my concern is in relation to Kauba’s comment that “Anyone who has anything to do with his death will be exposed, arrested and charged, regardless of who they are” (The National, Oct 1). 

Frankly, I have no issues with his what he said, but I was bewildered by the bold statement. 

Was he unbiased in making a genuine assertion or was it because Waieng hailed from the same province as Kauba? 

Irrespective of the nature of the offence, a crime is a crime. 

The police and other law enforcing agencies should employ the same tactics and respourcefulness when combating any crime. 

The country is riddled with corruption and I am optimistic that in the future, the police will also combat white-collar crimes and demonstrate a similar spirit in exposing, arresting and charging those caught in the web of corruption, defrauding the state of millions of kina, regardless of their position or status.


Nickson Waiyo, via email