Hard work reaps success


SUCCESS comes through hard work, perseverance and commitment was the message Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae took to Busu Secondary School last week.
“I am reminded of the wise words of Proverbs 12:11, ‘Whoever works his land will have plenty of bread, but he who follows worthless pursuits lack sense’,” told graduating students at the school.
He urged each student to make a personal commitment to live by godly principles taught to them by their parents and teachers.
“Whatever you do or pursue from here on, always maintain a high standard of decency, respect and regard for others,” Sir Bob said.
“We have a beautiful country. It will be up to you our future leaders to carry our nation forward to greater heights. Be great ambassadors of your school. Live by what you have been taught here and instil these lessons in generations after you. Above all, be a positive role model to others.”
Dadae said Busu had demonstrated that it was possible to turn a negative situation into a good one.
A situation of near disaster into one of triumph and great achievement.
“The human spirit to do what is good exists in all of us. Let us harness that spirit and work what is good toward for all in our homes, communities and our beautiful nation, Papua New Guinea.
“Unity in education through Christian principles does lead to a better future.”
Dadae said since 2016, students’ academic performances at the school had improved greatly.
He said Busu was considered among the top 10 schools in the country.
“In 2016, Busu Secondary School was declared the model school in Morobe. These are many of the achievements this school has achieved in such a short time which it can be proud of.
“I was encouraged to learn of the efforts of the school teachers and principals, past and present, and the students to turn this school around from what could have been a downfall for this school.
“Group fights, cult groups and worships, gangs and regionalism were rife in this school over a decade ago.
“However, the school administration, teachers and especially students made a vow to put an end to all these and in doing so, created a vision of one Busu no groupings.”
Dadae said he noted that in line with this vision, the school had introduced some practical guidelines to enforce a high standard of learning for teachers and they included, teacher training from university lecturers, transparency in financial management, house maintenance for teachers and introduction of school exhibitions to showcase student talent.
“This has resulted in improved students’ academic performances and a good working relationship among students and teachers,” he said.
“I am encouraged to note that among modern infrastructure developments for this school are modern IT Lab, offline e-library and research centre and establishment of a school zoo/habitat.”