Has Mother Nature got us tricked?


THE concept and practice of homosexuality is not new.
Humanity has been practising it since biblical times. I am not trying to justify these people’s actions, I am just asking why human beings behave like this?
The primary goal for any organism is survival.
Feeding and respiration, yes, but also the continuation of the species, and the only way to do this is to reproduce – sexually or asexually.
Also, the only reason we have sexual intercourse with each other is to produce an offspring.
The reason why it feels so good is because unlike other animals, we are intelligent so we don’t need to be ‘on heat’ to know when to have sex.
We can decide when and with whom we want to have sex with, and the pleasure is just nature’s way of encouraging us to do it, and as much as possible so as to produce more offsprings to, again, ensure the survival of our species.
The practice of homosexuality, and other sexualities apart from heterosexuality, is counterproductive to the survival of our species.
My hypothesis, absurd as it may seem, is that Mother Nature or whoever is out there, is responsible.
Just hear me out. Nature always balances itself. Sickness and predators have always plagued mankind, and it’s these tools, plus the occasional natural disasters, that Mother Nature has used to keep the human population in check.
Ever since we found out how to cure diseases and treat wounds, and became better and better at it as time went by, these tools that Mother Nature used proved to be ineffective. That’s when Mother Nature inflicted these queer feelings upon us, so as to slow down our rate of reproduction.
Case in point: In countries that homosexuality is not a crime, which are mainly First World countries, their population seems stagnant, some even going down (excluding immigration), but in countries where homosexuality is a crime, which are mainly Third World countries like Papua New Guinea, the population seems to be growing at an exponential rate.
Mother Nature has not stopped throwing diseases at us, however. Now there’s AIDS, cancer and a whole lot of diseases that were never there before, and the common viruses are getting stronger than the cures we already have.
Case in point: How many cures has malaria had over the years? With regard to AIDS and STDs, it’s another of nature’s strategy.
What better way to trim the population then to force us to keep only one sexual partner?
Before you get your panties in a bunch, keep in mind I’m just speculating here.

Daaerio Naharis