Hats off to security guard at hypermart

Letters, Normal

BEING a security guard may not be a dream job, especially for those whose role is to stand under the hot sun or rain in a car park of a shopping area.
These guards generally work in tough conditions to direct traffic.
However, a guard at the RH Hypermart at Gordon carries out his job diligently.
This particular gentleman is very energetic and directs traffic with much enthusiasm and vigour using a baton.
His hand gestures not only direct the vehicles but also stops vehicles so that customers can cross safely.
It is such a joy to see people like these making their jobs more interesting, enjoyable and worthwhile.
He greets everyone with a friendly smile that goes a long way for most customers, especially after a long hard day at work.
My family and I have noticed that this guard is an obvious role model to the rest of his colleagues as his fellow guard assigned to the main exit gate of the hypermart has become more active in his role as well.
Good on you guys and keep up your good work.
You have proven that it is possible to make the best of whatever job you do.


Mama six
Port Moresby