Have courage and pray


I THANK our courageous Prime Minister and MPs for the tireless effort to protect Papua New Guineans in this time of trouble.
Although we were advised to take personal hygiene measures such as washing hands with soap, social distancing, isolation, lockdown etc, that is not the answer the world is searching for right now.
These measures can’t stop Covid-19 from entering our country.
Look at well developed countries such as China, England, Italy and America.
They have tried hard by using their knowledge, scientific research and even billions of dollars to stop Covid-19 but it never worked out causing many people to die helplessly.
So PNG what do we have here to fight against the spread of this deadly disease?
Well, we may not have any better facilities like other countries but what we have is the solution to stop that disease from entering our country.
The only answer to all this is prayer to God our Father in heaven to stop it.
Remember only God saves, preserve and gives lives.
As a Christian country we should show the world whom we worship and pray to when in times of trouble.
Our God is greater than anything and most powerful.
We must stand united in prayer and believe.
If you have time, use your smart phones and search for Emmanuel Makandiwa from Zimbabwe on YouTube.
His videos will help you to have courage and pray.

Morgan Samarie, Via email

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