Have criteria to choose leaders


IT is a disgrace to see people who are desperate for services using manpower to force their way to get services.
The Sandaun Government should now shut itself out from parliament programmes and spend time with their own people to execute the core function of why they are elected to the parliament.
Remove the log first then talk about other people around you.
That applies to all our current national leaders.
The government should have conditions and criteria for the 2022 elections.
A bachelor degree in any field would be a credit to contribute valid ideas for the country’s development.
Remove all those wasting and misusing money everywhere.
PNG will change if the government set some conditions for 2022 elections.
God has chosen you our PM, rise up and see what’s coming ahead.
Great leaders will be elected in 2022.

Die hard PNG,
Morobe nem

One thought on “Have criteria to choose leaders

  • In 2022, we need to choose leaders who are God fearing, humble, honest, etc with heart for this country and it’s 8 million people.

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