Have one law for all, Kapris relative says

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The National, Friday July 26th, 2013

 A RELATIVE of William Kapris says politicians and senior bureaucrats who break the law and swindle millions of kina in public funds should have their pictures published in the media.

The notorious bank robber was shot dead by police on Monday after a 10-week manhunt following his escape from Bomana Prison. The picture of his body was published in the two dailies on Wednesday.

His relative Arnold Ahros Nungu from Sima village in Yangoru, East Sepik, said he accepted that the “wages of sin was death”, as stated in the Bible, but those who shot and killed Kapris and fellow escapee Raphael Walimini should face the same fate because they committed murder.

Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga had cited the Bible verse in the newspapers on Wednesday while encouraging criminals to turn away from their bad ways.  

Nungu said in Lae yesterday the Bible condemned  murder and people judging others.

“No one is perfect, we all commit sin and are lawbreakers,” he said.

Meanwhile, a prominent Goroka citizen has shared similar sentiments.

“Kapris was a wanted million-kina criminal, no different from top bureaucrats stealing millions of kina and evading arrest under the cover of laws running scot-free out there,” Peter Karre said.