Hawkins becomes events secretariat director


THE National Executive Council has appointed Christopher Hawkins, executive director of the Office of National Events Secretariat for four years.
His job as the chief executive of Apec is about to end.
Hawkins’ appointment has been effective since March 27.
He replaces Walter Yangomina, who was acting director for the national events secretariat.
Apec Minister Justin Tkatchenko said the secretariat would be in-charge of managing the International Convention Centre (ICC), Apec Haus and coordinating national events for the Government and country. It comes under the Prime Minister’s Department.
Tkatchenko said previously the Apec Authority had plans to outsource the management of APEC Haus and the International Convention Centre.
However, NEC had approved and endorsed that both the buildings would come under the secretariat.
It is understood that plans to work with the National Museum and Art Gallery (NMAG) to turn part of the APEC Haus into a revolving museum was still going ahead.