HC Bulls set for Corporate 9s challenge

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HUGO Canning will have a team in this year’s Corporate Nines rugby tournament in the National Capital District.
A full set of uniforms were handed to the team, the HC Bulls, on Tuesday in preparation for their first match tomorrow.
Hugo Canning general manager David Slape said the initiative to have a team participating was suggested by coach John Havora.
Havora sold the idea among his colleagues and ended up with a positive response resulting in the formation of their own team.
“As a company we would like to see our people be fit and healthy and sports help achieve this. Also, it is always good for people who work together everyday to have a chance of promoting health while having fun together outside of work,” Slape said.
Most of the team members are from the 14-Mile area with several of them playing in the Lower Sogeri Rugby League competition, who should provide the experience for the newcomers.
Slape said for the first time playing in the Corporate 9s, enthusiasm and commitment counted a lot in sport.
“We have a lot of that so I think we will be very competitive but most of all having fun and enjoying the whole experience of playing at the Port Moresby Lloyd Robson Oval.”