Head bishop adds voice to condemnation of attack on judge

National, Normal

The National, Monday 17th June 2013

 THE head Bishop of Lutheran Gut Nius church has condemned the attack on Madang resident judge David Cannings.

Bishop David Piso said in Mt Hagen that the attack was uncalled for and urged Madang police to investigate and arrest the youths involved.

Piso said the attack was not only on Cannings but the judiciary system as well.

“We must be proud that we have a vibrant judiciary system compared with other countries in the world and that system holds this country strong,” he said.

Piso said such attack on judges and district court magistrates would gradually destroy the good judiciary system people were enjoying.

He said the judiciary system played a vital role to uphold laws and the constitution.

Youths attacked Justice Cannings and took his vehicle last Monday night when he was returning home at Kalibobo. 

“I condemn the attack in the strongest term possible,” Piso said.

Police and lawyers condemned the assault on the judge earlier.