Head: Respect, back teachers

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The National, Wednesday October 16th, 2013


TEACHERS must be respected and supported because they play an important role in development, a headmaster said.

Wabag Primary School headmaster Mark Sakol said teachers spent their time and resources to develop the nation and deserved to be treated well.

“Look at the trucks, aeroplane, ships, and computers. Where do they come from?

“Look at the professionals like lawyers, accountant, journalists, doctors and pilots. Where do they come from?” he asked.

“It all started from a classroom and who do you find in a classroom?

“A teacher,” he said.

Sakol said teachers were the key people who played a very important role to move, develop, promote and educate the nation.

He said everything existed through a teacher and that meant they were the key people in the nation’s development.

“And look at how they are rewarded for their hard work,” Sakol said.

“Not enough.”

He said he had been telling his students and many teachers about this for years.

“We have to thank the teachers because everything starts from a classroom and that is where you will find a teacher,” he said.

Sakol said that was why they were to be given credit for what they had been doing.

He said people should know that nothing started from nowhere but there were some people who had been making something happening.