Head teacher denies absenteeism claims

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The National, Wednesday 25th July, 2012

A SENIOR official from a National Capital District school has denied claims by parents that classes have been disrupted by a high rate of teacher absenteeism.
Boreboa Primary School deputy head teacher Elisabeth Daisi yesterday said classes there were normal.
She said lessons were covered for those who had either gone on compassionate and maternity leave.
She said those who were allegedly taking part in the elections had been marked absent.
She said that was because she and the education division had yet to receive any advice about their involvement in the elections.She said in the event a teacher was absent, his or her students were given photocopied notes for their lessons as well as being placed into other classes. 
Daisi said she was very disappointed that three parents of students attending the school had commented on a radio talkback programme over the weekend without having first consulted the school to verify their information.She said her school was one of the best schools in NCD and the news was a disgrace.
Daisi said teachers should not be involved in future elections.
“We deal with human beings.
“And the students will not learn when we have teachers absent from classes,” she said.
Although some teachers have shared similar sentiments, others said it was their right to be part of elections.