Heading back to school

From left: Agnes Lus, 15, in grade eight at Coronation Primary School, Gertrude Bonny (sister), Robert Uru, 5, and Magdalyn Uru, 8, at Tango in Tokarara, Port Moresby, yesterday shopping for supplies. – Nationalpics by KENNEDY BANI

Students attending primary and secondary schools in the country have three weeks left before they return to class on Feb 1 to begin the new academic year.

Tango employee Pia Mae (right) attending to customers at Tango store in Tokarara, Port Moresby, yesterday.

Education secretary Dr Uke Kombra, who released the school calendar earlier, said Government departments, business houses, churches and non-government organisations that depended on the education calendar to plan their events and activities could have access to these dates.

Bessie Elijah (left) and son Onnemai, who is a grade eight student at Ted Diro Primary School, buying his school uniform at Tango’s department store, in Boroko, yesterday. Assisting them is staff member Vagi Kapu.

The 2021 academic term dates are:

  • TERM one: Feb 1 – April 9 (10 weeks teaching) – holidays (April 12 – 16);
  • TERM two: April 19 – June 25 (10 weeks teaching) – holidays (June 28 – July 9);
  • TERM three: July 12 – Sept 17 (10 weeks teaching) – holidays (Sept 20 – Sept 24);
  • TERM four: Sept 27 – Dec 10 (11 weeks teaching) – holidays (Dec 13 – Jan 28, 2022);
  • Teachers resume duties on Jan 25; and,
  • Students begin classes on Feb 1.
Zina Peter, a grade eight student at Eki Vaki Primary School, checking out stationery at Tango in Tokarara, Port Moresby, yesterday.

Meanwhile, some parents in Port Moresby are preparing their children for the academic year by purchasing school stationery and uniforms.

Customers checking out uniforms at Tango’s department store in Boroko, Port Moresby, yesterday.

At Tango’s Boroko and Tokarara stores yesterday, parents and children were busy shopping for school uniforms and stationery.
Gertrude Bonny, accompanied her siblings Agnes Lus, 15, Robert Uru, 5 and Magdalyn Uru, 8, to Tango in Tokarara to buy stationery.
They said they wanted to buy their school supplies early.

Julie Vari buying stationery at Tango’s department store in Boroko, Port Moresby, yesterday.

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