Headmaster praises MP’s help for schools

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 31st, 2013

 A TEACHER in Dei, Western Highlands, has thanked local MP Westley Nukundi for bringing development to lift the standard of learning in the district.

Kenembo Primary School headmaster John Ik said Nukundi had in the first seven months in office done a lot for schools in the district.

He said Nukundi allocated K2.8 million to schools in Dei to help parents who were facing problems in sending their children to school.

Ik said the school had built a double classroom and three-bedroom staff houses from the funds allocated by Nukundi.

He said Kenembo had been upgraded to a high school and would be enrolling Grade 9 students starting next year.

Ik said the Japanese Embassy also provided funds to build 19 teachers quarters. Work on the houses is contiuing.

He said the school library and office equipment were ready for the school’s upgrade next year.

Ik said the upgrade would be a relief for Kitip Secondary Schoool because student numbers had increased and teachers were finding it hard to cope with big classes.

Ik said having two high schools would be a relief to parents who had to send children to other high schools in the province.