Headmaster thanks WHP govt for fencing

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THE Western Highlands government has installed a new fence costing more than K300,000 at Mt Hagen Tee Primary School.
Headmaster David Numbaming thanked the government for the three-metre high spiked fence after the school had asked for proper fencing through the education division.
Teachers had noticed students crawling under the mesh wire fencing during classes and disappearing.
Numbaming said other kids snuck into the school and stole exercise books and other small items left in classrooms.
He said that his school was the biggest school in Mt Hagen with a student population of 2,500 and 52 teachers.
“It’s important that students learn in a more secured area, stop intruders and prevent students from missing classes after lunch,” he said.
“I also want to thank the provincial government for building four double classrooms in the school.”
Numbaming, meanwhile, expressed disappointment that three three-quarters of the parents didn’t pay the K100 project fees agreed to last year.
He said there was not enough to build new infrastructures like teachers’ houses, library, and classrooms.
“The tuition free fee money (TFF) we are getting is for administration and students learning and there is not enough left to do other work,” he said.

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