Headmasters attend retreat to improve management skills


HEAD teachers of 16 primary schools run by the United Church in Southern Highlands attended an in-service programme on Easter Friday to improve their management skills.
The one-day-retreat was facilitated by United Church Highlands region education secretary Johnson Pisa at Tende in Mendi.
Pisa distributed vital information to the head teachers about improving teaching and learning in all the schools run by the church.
He spoke on key initiatives to be taken by the head teachers like using agricultural plots to generate internal revenue.
Pisa said schools run by the church could not rely entirely on government or other donors but have to also use their own resources,
The handouts he provided for the senior teachers contained a financial management plan.
Pisa said the church runs 27 community, four primary schools and a vocational centre. It also has 1000-plus elementary schools and is building a teachers’ college in the Highlands region
Primary school inspector Roman Panga highlighted the need for head teachers to manage time effectively and have a positive attitude.
“Head teachers are an important asset in the school,” he said.
“We rely on you to deliver quality education to our young children.
“You are the captain of the ship.
“The teachers will look up to you.
“You must be trustworthy, accountable and transparent in all your dealings.
“You must ensure the school learning improvement programme is effectively implemented.
“You have a task to ensure all teachers in the school must be inspected in order to be promoted or demoted, to maintain the good standing of the church education institutions.”
Teachers talked about problems they faced.
United Church Highlands region Bishop Rev Hun Moris closed the meeting with encouragement and said a benediction.

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