Health centre and government station receive solar lighting


SOUTH Bougainville MP Timothy Masiu has again touched the hearts of the people of Torokina by bringing solar lighting to the Piva (Torokina) health centre and the government station.
The project was funded through the district service improvement programme at the cost of K400,000.  Private contractor Link Technology installed the system, ending Piva’s dependence on an often unreliable diesel  generator.
According to Link Technology, Piva is no longer a rural laid-back government station but a rising town.
Manufactured in Germany, the solar system is easy to maintain and has a life span of 25 years.
The solar lighting project was approved by the South Bougainville District Development Authority late last year and entails the installation of lighting systems at the health centre, the district administration offices and public servants’ quarters.
Due to its remoteness, Torokina often experienced power problems due to fuel issues or mechanical breakdowns of its diesel generators.
“For the first time in years, our health workers here will be able to do their work more comfortably with ease,” Torokina health centre extension officer Peter Boboko said.
“We won’ have to use lanterns or torches anymore to attend to the patients, and the patients will enjoy the comfort of living under lights.”
On the first day since the lights were installed, a mother gave birth to a baby boy under lights and to show how significant the service is to the people and health workers, she named the child after one of the contractors.

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