Health centre lacks drugs


SIALUM Health Centre in Tewai-Siassi district of Morobe has been without basic medical drugs for the last three months after the contracted supplier stopped its service.
Health extension officer Ezekiel Peter said yesterday that the health centre went without drugs as contractor LD Logistics stopped delivering them after their dinghy capsized near Sialum station three months ago.
LD Logistics was contracted by the government to transport medical supplies for health centres throughout the country using air, land and water transport.
“Now we have come to an understanding with the LD logistics to supply local service providers with fuel so that they could transport the medical supplies to health centres using their dinghies,” said Peter.
A company staff, Vincent Kavanamur said their delivery service has stopped for the last three months after the only boat that they used capsized and the operators were killed.
He said however, LD Logistics currently provided fuel to local boat operators in villages along the coast and they were able to help in delivering medical supplies to health centres in the districts.
“The contractor is working to replace the boat so that they could continue to transport medical supplies to health posts efficiently and on time.”
Kavanamur apologised to the company’s clients for the inconvenience caused and assured them that the delivery service would be restored soon.
He appealed to the health workers to place orders in large quantities that would last for up to five months rather than ordering small quantities of medical supplies.

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