Health centres close

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 30th, 2013


THREE urban health centres in Lae have been closed because of the failure to pay water and electricity bills.

Provincial health advisor Micah Yawing confirmed yesterday services at the Haikost, Milford Haven and Buimo Road clinics had been suspended.

Yawing was concerned that hundreds of people at those clinics would have to be turned away and they would need to seek medical help elsewhere in the city.

“The closures are an extra burden for patients and carers who have to catch a PMV and pay extra money, and it is important that the matter be sorted out quickly,” he said.

“I’m not sure whether the Lae City Authority or Lae district is in charge of these clinics, but I’d urge that the bills be paid quickly so basic health services can resume as soon as possible as hundreds of lives are being affected.”  

Yawing said there should be yearly budgets for utilities payments and authorities in charge should take ownership of this life-saving service.

Yawing said staff at the closed health centres were helping out at other clinics in or near the city. 

A health worker at the Milford Haven clinic said services had to be temporarily closed until water and power were re-connected.

Lae district administrator Robin Calistus could not be reached for comment.