Health centres out of reach


THE people of Lower Jimi, especially those who access healthcare services at the Anglican Church-run health facility at Koinambe Health Centre, have been able to  access the service because of election-related problems.
Furthermore, the road access from Banz to the Tabibuga district headquarter and down to Ambankai near Jimi River has become inaccessible because of election-related issues.
Lower Jimi health facilities, which include the three Anglican Church-run Koinambe, Togban and Tsendiap health centres have been inaccessible by road.
Patients are not able to get to Kudjip Hospital by road.
Only emergency cases are airlifted to Mt Hagen.
I kindly appeal to the relevant authorities, including the MP for Jimi, to help rectify this issue.

Concerned AHS personnel
Mt Hagen