Health Department needs urgent revival


THE article in The National yesterday regarding absent Health Department staff at the Jackson International Airport leaving incoming passengers stranded for three hours is another symptom that department is on life support and needs urgent revival.
Not only is this type of incident a national disgrace and reflects on the lack of leadership in the department but it is another example of why our country and the wellbeing of our people is clearly not a priority for this department.
Whether it is the serious lack of healthcare around the country despite the millions of kina in aid or whether it is the lack of the Covid-19 activity despite the millions in aid, our Government needs to stand up and address the serious issues plaguing the Health Department.
A photo of a sick mother being carried on a stretcher across rivers to seek medical care has gone viral.
That photo sums up our healthcare system.
A revolving door of ministers in recent years, none of which do much of anything.
They are part of a bureaucracy of lazy, greedy and entitled individuals whose interests are to better themselves instead of the people of Papua New Guinea.
If we really want to ‘Take Back PNG’ then let us take it back from those who don’t want to see our country healthier and better such as these people in the Health Department.
Prime Minister James Marape, get these rotten people out, get new people in and stop Papua New Guinea from being the laughing stock of the Pacific by burning billions to get nothing but dying mothers and babies or staff who cannot turn up to do their job.

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  • We will get more of this.
    The new health secretary ran down PNG Medical Board before being promoted to his current job.

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