Health department staff pay respect to Dr Dakulala, Aihi

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Dr Paison Dakulala

HEALTH Department employees yesterday observed a two-minute silence to remember the demise of their two colleagues – Dr Paison Dakulala and Julian Aihi
Health secretary Dr Osborne Liko addressed the workers.
Dr Dakulala was the deputy health secretary and deputy controller of the National Pandemic Response unit. Aihi was a staff development officer.
National Pandemic Response Controller David Manning described Dr Dakulala as “humble, dedicated and committed to the medical profession”.
“Dr Dakulala was a selfless man and despite his medical condition, stood by me and provided support and advice as we took on a global pandemic,” Manning said.
“He contributed to our efforts against the Covid-19.
“I have never met a more dedicated officer such as Dr Dakulala.
“He cared for our people and gave everything into the Government response to the Covid-19.”