Health dept failing cancer patients


I WRITE to express my disappointment and utter disgust at Health Minister Sir Puka Temu, Health Secretary Pascoe Kase and the Health Department for failing to purchase a new a cobalt-60 teletherapy machine for the cancer unit at Angau General Hospital in Lae for reasons beyond human understanding.
As a Government, the priority of the Health Ministry and the department is to protect lives of its citizens.
It is not to let cancer patients die like animals or travel to the Philippines for treatment like Chimbu girl Ruth Kaupa did.
She did so with the help of the business community that raised more than K60,000 for her bills.
Whose interest is the Health ministry and department serving?
How much does a Cobalt -60 teletherapy machine cost?
I support the letter from Thomas Hukahu and J Sibi last year for the public to hold a fundraising, if the Government continues to pass the buck and blame others while our cancer patients continue to die one by one.
Someone must be held accountable for this. Let us all as citizens of this country do a nationwide fundraising drive to purchase a Cobalt-60 teletherapy machine and refurbish Angau Cancer Unit with additional oncologists or specialist medical doctors for cancer.
I pay tribute to late Dr John Niblett for his tireless efforts in maintain the unit.
As a Sepik born in Lae in 1959, I am concerned about this matter so I had to write.

John Kriosaki