Health facility worth K150,000 to help serve communities

Health Watch

A NEW health facility worth K150,000 was opened in the Usino local level government’s Naru in Madang on Nov 26.
The aid post was constructed with funding from the Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Ltd’s community development fund (CDF).
The aid post is set to serve communities in wards 15, 18 and 27.
MCC’s community affairs department supervisor (community and Government liaison) Kuipa Tonny said since last year, Ramu NiCo had allocated K1.2 million for the communities.
“The beneficiaries of the fund are the customary landowners and residents of the project areas in Kurumbukari, inland pipeline (Maigari), coastal pipeline and Basamuk.”
The first health facility was built and commissioned two months ago in Ono.
The facility also cost K150,000.
Tonny said the CDF was set up to support community development initiatives within the immediate project impacted communities.
“It is an open fund aimed at engaging landowners’ participation in community projects.”