Health loses K2 million

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 8th, 2013


THE Jiwaka provincial budget committee passed a resolution on Friday to move K2 million allocated for health services to education.

Governor William Tongamp told his committee during their meeting they would use the money to improve existing educational institutions to accommodate more students.

He said they needed to build more classrooms, dormitories and teachers’ houses to accommodate more students at the secondary and high schools.

“We will not build new secondary schools. We will only build more dormitories and classrooms to accommodate more students instead of sending our students to other secondary schools in neighbouring provinces such as Chimbu and Western Highlands,” he said.

Tongamp said education was important.

“We can’t send our students out. We will try and accommodate them in our province,” he said.

He will get the approval of the National Planning Department before using the money.

Deputy chairman of the provincial budget committee, Philip Kapal supported Tongamp’s agenda and said secondary schools in the province needed more classrooms and dormitories.

He said it was proper to use K2 million from health to address issues affecting schools now and look at the health sector later.

The committee approved K1 million to assist North Waghi MP Dr Fabian Pok in his rural electricity programme.

Tongamp said they would assist with K500,000 this year and another K500,000 later.