Health officer warns people to observe protocols, get vaccinated

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EASTERN Highlands Health Authority chief executive officer Dr Joseph Apa is warning people in the province to strictly observe the Coronavirus (Covid-19) public health safety protocols and get vaccinated if they value their lives.
“The effective weapon to stop Covid-19 infection is to look after your life and value it by exercising the new normal like wearing face mask, keeping social distancing and washing hands regularly or get vaccinated
“Many people think that it is normal but it is not.
“The Covid-19 is real,” he added.
Dr Apa urged the people not to believe in false speculations on the Covid-19 vaccine and that they should not hesitate to get themselves vaccinated to help check the pandemic in Eastern Highlands.
“We are running low on medical supplies and facilities, we cannot care for you under the shade out in the sun.
“Covid-19 patients need oxygen to stabilise their condition.
“Oxygen cylinders are limited and cannot be provided for every patient,” he added.
He said it was now not like in the first wave when resources were made available for hospital staff to do contact tracing.
“There are too many today to do contact tracing and there are no resources and finance to go after Covid-19 patients and do contact tracing.
“Please wear mask every day and everywhere you go.
“Tell others without masks to mask up. It is to save lives and stop the spread of the virus,” he added.
Dr Apa also warned against public gatherings in town, especially the comedian performances by members of the RaunRaun Theatre and street preaching.
“We will get the police to stop all public preaching and comedy performances in Goroka town,” he added.