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HEALTH Secretary Pascoe Kase says officials implicated in any misconduct or corrupt practices exposed in Public Accounts Committee inquiry will be suspended pending police investigation.
He confirmed the disciplinary action against department corporate manager Paul Dopsie who was implicated in bribery claims during the committee’s inquiry into the procurement, supply and distribution of medicine.
Kase said he had the authority
to suspend officers who were facing serious allegations against them.
Health and HIV/AIDS Minister Jelta Wong said the department was cooperating with police on what had been revealed during the inquiry.
“We have names that have been (revealed) in the media (which) gives us the opportunity to work with the police force because of the public awareness and reaction of what’s happening,” he said.
Wong said he wanted to address the negative perception people had of the Health Department.
“We will not only look at contracts for procurement, supply and distribution of medicines. We will look into the department as a whole,” he said.
“We have been hearing stories and assumptions over the years about how corrupt the health department is.
“This Government wants to work with the police to clear this once and for all.”
“Health is about our lives and it cannot never be compromised. So this is our step forward.”
Wong thanked the PAC for bringing the issues to light.
“Without the PAC, we would not be at this stage,” he


  • Health Department is an organization that controls and make sure things are in order at provincial level, district level in terms of health care of the people. Health Department and its subordinates are not profit making organizations.
    Department of Health is to make sure the people’s health are maintained at ba level to perform effectively so that quality services are provided directly or indirectly for a better nation. All parties involved to provide these services at management level or giving an injection to a sick patient should be done without favour, fear or what so ever. If anyone in the line breach his or her code of ethics during his/her duties, the error always comes around to ask the officer/officers whether he/she is not guilty.
    PAC is a very powerful body and it will determine the progress of this country to handle such corrupt issues.

  • You are the main culprit..don’t think you are should also be implicated wait for your pill to arrive…you are a lawyer go to court not at NDoH..what are you doing there.

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