Health post gets new wing

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The National, Friday 16th December 2011

THERE is a slight decrease in neo-natal cases at the Kaugia sub-health centre, in East Sepik, after a new maternity wing was built recently.
Sister Apolonia Irie said due to the overcrowding and sharing of wards in one unit, there had been an increase in neonatal cases.
But she said the new building had been a big relief to those serving at the health facility.
Irie said they had been using the same building for outpatient and post-natal wards providing no privacy for mothers.
Monitoring and evaluation officer for Catholic health services Joshua Klagia said they carried out several projects in the Kaugia area in partnership with Save the Children Fund, one of which was the maternity wing.
He said under the Women and Children’s health programme they set up new houses for staff to encourage more people to work in sub-health centres.
Kaugia station has a population of more than 11, 600 which is high compared to the number of staff providing health care in the area.
Klagia said the primary objective was to improve the health of women and children in Kaugia and around the province.
Save the Children Fund will complete its projects in 2012 and wind down programmes in June next year.