Health practice minimal: Waiyo

National, Normal

HEALTH and safety best practice  is very minimal at public and work places or is totally absent.
This is what the former environmental health officer at the Enga administration Nickson Waiyo told The National when he visited last week after returning from his studies over seas.
Mr Waiyo, is soon to graduate from the University of New Castle, NSW Australia, on Occupational Health and Safety has raised his concern giving a number of scenarios of the hazardous practices which seem to go unnoticed.
He said safety practice defects endanger the health  of the general populace including the working community in  Port Moresby and the country as a whole.
“The safety of the general public should be a paramount concern and the responsible government of today must legislate and establish a work cover in the workplace as a resolution to all these concerns,” he said.
He said this in light of the recent Hiri Moale Festival down at Ela Beach which ran from 14 to 16 Sept on the occasion of the country’s 34th Independence.
“All public events and venues for the event to be hosted should meet all the safety needs or must pass the safety requirements prior to launching,” he said stressing the importance of an emergency team to stand by in case of an emergency in such big events in the future.