Health strengthened

National, Normal

The National – Monday, January 31, 2011

SOUTH Korea will be supporting PNG’s National Health Plan 2011-20 through the provision of bilateral aid to the health sector.
This has been made possible through the signing last Thursday  of discussion documents by the implementation survey team from the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and secretary for health Dr Clement Malau.
The project is designed to strengthen the district health systems with the bilateral support from South Korea in supporting PNG’s endeavours to improve the systems.
Malau expressed his thanks to the Korean government and said countries like PNG  should learn from Korea who had transformed itself within 50 years. 
“The project is a significant one for the health sector as it will see the transformation of our district health systems.”
KOICA team leader Baek Sook-hee said that 87% of people in PNG lived in rural areas and did not have access to basic health services and Korea wanted to assist to improve the health situation.
The project would be working closely with the Asian Development Bank and AusAID with support also from other bilateral and multilateral organisations in different parts.