Health supplies for West New Britain

Health Watch, Normal


West New Britain provincial government has continued its push to deliver basic health and medical services to the people in remote areas of the province.
A provincial government team headed by provincial administrator Steven Raphael and Governor Peter Humphreys spent a week travelling by road, ship, dingy and even walking to ensure that the villages and communities received their much-needed supplies for the health centres.
Most of the health centres have been treating patients without basic medical aids for a long time and the delivery of the items will go a long way towards serving the people.
The medical supplies were made available by the Governor under the district services improvement programme (DSIP), and so far, K500, 000 has been spent on medical aids that will really benefit the remote communities.
Most of the areas are inaccessible by land or air and a lengthy boat ride is the only means of transport should the people require medical attention.
Much-needed equipment such as stethoscopes, blood pressure metres, baby scales   and stretchers are some of the equipment that were given to the health centres,
Mr Humphreys said the upgrading and re-stocking of the equipment was all in line with the national government’s emphasis of delivering services to the people in the areas of health and education.
The governor added that other projects in this sector included the renovation and upgrading of the Kandrian and Gasmata health centres, which was due to begin before the end of the year.
For the past week, the administrative team delivered the equipment to the Western North Coast area covering Bali and Vitu Islands before going down to the Gloucester district to Kilenge and Sagsag.
The team also delivered equipment to Bialla and Ulamona on the eastern part of West New Britain’s north coast.