Health team bans visits to Boram prison

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THE East Sepik cholera task force committee has banned visits to Boram jail by relatives of prisoners following an increase in the number of cases in Wewak district.
The ban, which now cancels the usual weekly visits every Saturday, starts this week and would remain in force until the situation improves.
Provincial cholera response coordinator Dr John Sairere, senior health inspector Steven Amos and Boram jail commandant Michael Wundia visited the jail to give awareness on the presence of cholera in the province and how the prisoners could avoid contracting the virus.
Meanwhile, four new patients were admitted at the general hospital yesterday bringing the total number of cases for Wewak district to 20.
In the Angoram district, Kambaramba village has confirmed 222 cases, Moim 53, Angoram station and surrounding villages 45 while Biwat had nine with four new cases reported at Marienburg.
Dr Sairere said that while there was cholera presence in Wewak and Angoram districts, the task force was working around the clock to
create more awareness on basic hygiene  practices in order to prevent its spread to other districts.