Health training facilities mess

Letters, Normal

LAST year was bad for the Health Department when it had to deal with the swine flu, supplementary budget being pulled back by the National Planning Department, cholera outbreak, HIV/AIDS/STI on the rise, health workers going on strike and reports of some health workers stealing money. However, with patience and support of ordinary staff, the secretary managed to get through the year. This year has only started and the secretary already has a few issues to contend with, notably doctors threatening to go on strike and the departmentís Laloki training facilities. The latter is already a distraction and I am frustrated at the silence of the Health Minister Sasa Zibe on this issue. If there was an agreement for management of these facilities for rental, then there should have been a tendering process for it. Media reports said there was an agreement signed between the department and the contractor. If there was, where is it, who signed it, which mandatory process did they follow and how much was the contract for?
There are a lot of unanswered questions. I think Mr Zibe has to say something. In the meantime, Dr Clement Malau must point out who is responsible for such mess. Maybe the Ombudsman
Commission can pay a visit to Mr Zibe and Dr Malau. Let us put into action what we mean about transparency, accountability, integrity and credibility. The Health Department has more urgent and priority matters to attend to and leave this matter to the police. The department has just had its dedication service to get rid of evil practices and for good governance to prevail. I hope the secretary will ensure this happens.


Kenang Malawon,
Port Moresby