Health workers encourage others to get vaccinated

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WITH frontline health workers exposed to the Covid-19, it is important that they are vaccinated to be protected against transmission, a group of doctors in the National Capital District (NCD) who received the AstraZeneca vaccine say.
The rollout of the 8,000 doses of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine donated by the Australia government started on Tuesday with the Prime Minister James Marape being the first to receive a dose.
NCD health authority pediatrician Dr Fiona Kupe, who was also vaccinated, said she had been working with childhood immunisation in PNG for more than eight years supported the Covid-19 vaccination programme.
“I have seen what immunisation has done for children in terms of preventing illness, saving and reducing child death for the past 10 years,” she said.
“As a frontline health worker, it’s my role to advocate to others to take the vaccine.
“Health workers are in the high risk group during this pandemic, so we must take the vaccine to protect ourselves, patients and our families.”
Dr Kupe said there was mild pain immediately after the injection went into her skin but nothing after.
“I feel okay and went back to work as usual.”
Port Moresby General Hospital acting pediatric coordinator Dr Gwenda Anga said with the misinformation and doubts among people, doctors had to be the examples to show that the vaccine was safe and people should take it too.
“I chose to be vaccinated because there is evidence that this vaccine is safe and effective in protecting us against the virus,” Dr Anga said.