Health workers training complete


BASIC training for health workers and others working to prevent coronavirus from entering Morobe have been done, says Morobe coronavirus preparedness and response committee (MCVPRC) member Lincoln Menda.
Menda, who is also director of medical services at Angau Hospital in Lae, said training for the staff began with three sessions.
“This week (last week) is the fourth training that is basically to give people, especially the staff of Angau and others who joined, additional information on coronavirus and to give them a chance for questions and answers,” he said.
Menda said during the training, people were told to wash hands with soap regularly, basic steps in washing hands included when sneezing or coughing and care taken to avoid spreading airborne diseases.
“Coronavirus, or Covid-19, is an airborne disease and can pass from one person to another through coughing or sneezing and body contacts,” he said.
Menda advised people to as much as possible avoid direct contact with people coming from overseas and keep a safe distance from those people.
Keeping one’s own hygiene is the first step towards the prevention of not only corona virus but also other common diseases “that we usually encounter in our daily lives”, Menda said.