Healthy living leads to great things


TRUKAI’S involvement in promoting healthy living and participation in sport sometimes exposes our people to some excellent role models from the sporting arena. This week was no different.
After gold medal-winning performances at the Pacific Mini Games in Vanuatu, our triumphant Team PNG weightlifters arrived home in Port Moresby on Monday to a rousing reception from their families, the waiting media and as their proud sponsor, members of Trukai.
The six Noumea-based weightlifters, including our individual brand ambassadors DikaToua, Thelma Toua and MoreaBaru, had little time for reflection on their wonderful achievements. There was a motorcade ceremony in Port Moresby on Monday to parade them to their adoring public, and then a meet-and-greet with fansfor autographs and photos afterwards.
This homecoming celebration coincided with the official launch of Trukai’s media campaign supporting the PNG weightlifting program in preparation for the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia.
Being around these athletes, you realise just how normal and grounded they are. They were not placed into elite pathway programs from an early age like you see in other countries.
However, from a young age they made the right choices when it comes to healthy living and being goal-oriented.
These are two important things we can all learn from, whether you dream of pursuing a sporting career, finishing your school education or, for that matter, wishing to excel in the agriculture industry.
Our government through its funding efforts into the Pacific Games in 2015 outlined its plans to develop PNG as a sporting nation. Their investment set a new benchmark in professionalism here, and our sporting teams like the PNG Hunters are showing that with dedication and focus, we can succeed beyond PNG shores.
For the Hunters to win the Queensland Rugby League’s Intrust Super Cup in only their 4th year of competing is incredible, and adds weight to one day entering our own team in the NRL.
But again, their efforts underline my point. The Hunters are made up of 100% local talent, with no experienced players imported from Australia to lead them and make them act in a responsible way. These players themselves chose to be goal oriented, and made healthy lifestyle choices. Look where it got them!
As a farmer at heart, I am proud to say my message is not just based on Trukai’s sponsorship of PNG sport. Healthy living is becoming a major focus in PNG and like other companies, we have spent many millions of kina to provide a nutritious product.
Because rice is Papua New Guinea’s major food staple, our rice is vitamin enriched through a process whereby micronutrients such as Iron and B Vitamins are added toregain the nutritional content which are lost during the manufacturing process. So, I feel satisfaction that we are contributing to healthy living on a practical basis as well.
Any parent, or young person reading this, should take note and be inspired. You can do anything when you set your mind to it. Stay in school, eat well and have a goal. If you want to be a great farmer one day, and help your community by developing our agriculture industry, then I look forward to you joining me.
Humphrey Saese is Rice Development Manager for Papua New Guinea’s leading rice supplier, Trukai Industries.

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