Hebou assists centre for disability

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A TIMELY donation was given to the PNG Rehabilitation Centre by Hebou Construction Company Limited yesterday in the construction of the rehabilitation conference centre.
The K10,000 worth of plant hire machinery might be required for the building while other materials such as gravel was given free of charge.
“Hebou is out on a mission to help projects  it considers beneficial to the community,” plan hire supervisor Tom Mahuru said.
So far,  Hebou had donated four loads of gravel and given K5,000 worth of plant hire.
The centre relies mostly on business houses for donations to complete its constructions, such as Duluxe and Monier, but its biggest sponsor was the office of the National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop, which  gave K100,000.
The conference centre would be used purposely for hosting conferences and meetings for people with disabilities and  would also be open for other organisations to host meetings, to promote equality of treatment of all people regardless of disabilities.