Hebou: Extra costs for road repair

National, Normal

The National, Thursday June 20th, 2013


HEBOU Constructions says it will repair the collapsed section of the new K30 million road at 5-Mile in Port Moresby at extra costs.

The company has refuted a report in The National yesterday which stated that it was carrying out the road repair work in Port Moresby “for free”.

Hebou Construction chief executive officer Mark Shephard said he was “misquoted by the reporter” because it was unlikely that “any company that can actually do work for free when the cause of the problem” was still being determined.

“The project belongs to NCDC and it is up to them to release their findings on the issue,” Shephard said.

“Hebou is actually helping by fixing the problem now and we will sort out who foots the bill later down the track.”

Shephard did not elaborate on the cost of repair and whether it will be additional to the K30 million allocated by the National Government for the road project.

It is understood that NCD Governor Powes Parkop had stated earlier that the road needed to be repaired immediately and within the budget allocation.

In the meantime, Hebou Constructions have been awarded another major road contract to upgrade the 6-Mile Road from the 6-Mile market to the old Jackson Airport terminal.

A National Capital District Commission manager had said “once the design plan for the new road is ready then the cost of the repair work at the collapsed section will also be made known along with who should foot the bill for the repair work to be carried out in due course”.