Heed people’s suffering, release Govt funding now

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday July 19th, 2013

 I SUPPORT the comments made by Manax of Lido Village in Vanimo on the subject in his letter (July 8).

Belden Namah and Dr Allan Marat had also earlier spoken out regarding the same issue as it impacted on their respective electorates. 

I am equally concerned as a senior citizen of the Vanimo-Green electorate. I cannot sit by without saying anything while  watching my people suffering and missing out on government services.

The finance minister’s reason of not enough funds is indigestible, shallow, holds no water and we ask, who is the minister trying to dupe?

Is the real reason being not enough funds or is it because of political dislike for Belden Namah? 

It is sad and unbecoming of real leaders or a government of the day employing this tactic to try and politically suffocate our MPs. 

You do not win respect and appreciation from other MPs or patriotism from your citizens in this way. It is neither our fault nor a sin that we belong to Vanimo-Green electorate and Namah is our MP. 

Green River voters did not give him a lot of votes but have accepted him as our leader and he will remain that way during this term of parliament.

The Vanimo-Green electorate has suffered badly over the years since the days of Julius Chan, Paias Wingti and Rabbie Namaliu. 

Today there are no visible and transparent outcomes to show for as far as delivery of government services is concerned and funds reaching the grassroots. 

Our people are now asking, “Will it be better for us if we go west and be a part of them or remain as we are and suffer?”

I urge the prime minister to hear our call because we are his citizens.

So represent us in the parliament. 

We ask you to intervene personally on our behalf if this standoff is not done with your blessing. 

We see you from afar as a fair leader, decisive, reasoning and with the heart for all.  

Please extend that to us and have our DSIP funds released without further ado. 


Kos Union

Green River