Hekari’s move timely

Letters, Normal

I WOULD like to thank the writer “Football fan” in the letter “Well done, Hekari” (Feb 17).
But I am disappointed with the other letter “Poor move by Hekari” by “The critic”.
I disagree it was a poor move.
Instead I think it was the best move as it saw Hekari defeated Tafea FC with a big win.
That match was crucial and if I did not take the risk  by bringing in Gideon Omokirio, Alick Maemae, Stanley Waita and Henry Faárodo, our progress in the O League would have ended last Saturday.
On that day, we fielded six PNG players and five international players.
This was a fair representation of the team.
I have always given our local players the opportunity to play in the O League.
I have spent time and resources to take PNG up another level and that is to become the best O League team in the region.


John K Natto
Via email