Hekari Holdings unhappy with Nambawan’s conduct

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HEKARI Holdings Ltd managing director John Kapi Natto says he is disappointed with Nambawan Super Ltd’s business conduct.
Mr Natto said Nambawan released a  media statement regarding a court decision, instead of sending the court decision to the parties involved.
Nambawan won a court case over the ownership of large portions of land in Malolo Estate, which Hekari Holdings Ltd was trying to claim.
They had planned to build a mini soccer stadium on the property.
Nambawan has 218 lots on the estate which are being developed in stages.
Sixty-two lots have been developed and the remaining 156 lots are in the process of further development.
The National Court ruled Nambawan held the title to the land.
“I just want to build a place where our children and youths can enjoy a better playing and training area,” Mr Natto said.
The court proceedings were filed by Nambawan on Aug 11 after Hekari Holdings Ltd began working on the land.
Attempts to have them cease work were unsuccessful as they claimed they had title to the land.
The court later ruled Nambawan Super Ltd was the rightful title holder.
Hekari, Eliap and Meki Tokana of the Dubara Idi clan were issued with permanent injunctions that prevented their servants, agents, friends and or relatives from trespassing on the Malolo Estate.
Judgment was also entered for Nambawan Super Ltd for damages to be assessed for trespass and for the cost of restoring the land which has been altered Hekari.
Nambawan managing director Leon Buskens said: “What Hekari produced as its title issued to Kutubu Security Services Pty Ltd was described as portion 3347, Granville.
“The registrar of titles claimed this as fabricated and the title was not recognised by the office of the registrar of titles.
“The court’s decision puts to rest any suggestions that the residential developments in Malolo Estate would be hampered by any land disputes.
“The next stage of the development is expected to begin after remedial work is done on restoring the survey plans and the earthwork carried out by Hekari.
“Nambawan is committed to being part of the country’s housing solution and the court decision will now enable us to complete the  development of the remaining 156 lots, and also take some lessons from the first 62 houses with affordability as a key challenge.”