Hekari manager critical of refereeing standards

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The National, Friday 25th November 2011

HEKARI Football Club team manager Vonnie Kapi Natto has called on national soccer league referees (NSL) to be fair and consistent in their rulings.
In an interview yesterday Vonnie, wife of franchise owner John Kapi Natto, said it was a slap in the face when match officials where not consistent in their rulings.
“One expects consistency in NSL football,” Kapi Natto said.
“I was timing that game (with Besta) and it went on much longer than it should have.
“To be quite honest, some of those players  needed to be red-carded but they were not.
“I respect their decisions but it’s just a slap in the face. They must be neutral.
“I’m raising this complaint not because we lost (to Besta United on Wednesday) but because the referee’s rulings were not consistent.
 “I give credit to the young team for defeating Hekari.
 “But my biggest concern is that the NSL rulings are different from the Oceania rulings that is why the rulings are not consistent,” she said.
“I’m not underestimating them (NSL referees), but I remember the Eastern Stars owner expressing his disappointing at the refereeing.
“It’s happening in our league and very difficult to go about (improving that).
“I want referees to be consistent with ruling and apply it.
“Ninety percent of their rulings are poor.
“With my last five years in the NSL and three years in the O-League I’ve seen that the refereeing is different and I just hope PNGFA looks into it.
“My challenge is to be fair and neutral to all teams,” she said.
Kapi Natto also called on the country’s governing body of football to stop interfering with Hekari’s business.
Vonnie was critical when pointing out that the PNGFA had questioned her for not having more local players play in O-League matches.
“I was criticised for not playing PNG players by the PNGFA.
“I don’t expect PNGFA to come and tell me what to do or not to do in the running my club’s affairs.
“Please respect our team because nobody assisted my husband and I to take the team this far.
“We are helping PNG and there is no need to poke into Hekari’s business,
“I’m proud of my performance.
“I look after the players  and I have never failed players and the club.
“I’ve been fair (to players) and nobody has the guts and courage to do what I’m doing.
“I’m from the Solomon Islands helping football in this country and we work hard to put Hekari to where it’s now.
“And I all want is respect and fairness that’s all,” Kapi Natto said.
She also challenged other NSL clubs to win the competition and go to the O-League.
 “I would be happy if another NSL team wins the competition and goes to the O-League challenge and experience playing abroad,” she said.