Hela candidates urged to steer clear of bribery by Tari leader

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The National, Monday 17th June 2013


CANDIDATES contesting presidential seats in Hela are urged not to use bribery as a means to obtain votes.

Tari community leader Timothy Hayara said using money and resources to get into power was wrong.

“Let the people elect their own leaders and stop going around using money and resources to bribe them,” Hayara said.

“I’m seeing candidates doing it, which is why I disagree with it. 

“If you feel and think that you are doing this then you have to stop so that people can vote for who they think is the right person.”

Hayara said because of bribery and corrupt practices, there had been a lot of election-related issues.

“I’m blaming candidates for dishing out cash in public places and even going to people’s house at night,” he said.

Hayara said Hela was a new province and deserved a proper election.

He also urged Governor Anderson Agiru and the four MPs to stay out of the LLG election.

He said the MPs were national leaders and their involvement in the LLG election would create animosity among the candidates.