Hela chief praises Wenge

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The National, Wednesday 01st Febuary 2012

MOROBE Governor Luther Wenge has been praised by the people of Hela who will experience their first election this year.
Chief Yalirima Damien Arapagali attended the People’s First Party’s fundraising dinner at the Lae International Hotel last Friday to thank Wenge personally on behalf of the Hela government and the people.
Arapagali, the Hela Gimbu Association president and chairman of Oil and Gas in the Hela provincial assembly, also thanked Wenge on behalf of Tari-Pori MP James Marape.
He said the people now saw themselves as being free after being granted their own province.
Despite its isolation, Hela is one of the most resource rich provinces.
 “We thank Morobe people for their leadership through Wenge who was involved at the national political level for
Hela to become a province,” he said.
He said Wenge was instrumental at the legislative level and was aggressive in pushing the Hela province agenda with the then Somare government.
He said Wenge’s leadership was unique and he was needed to develop Morobe and the country.
“We need leaders like Wenge, Wenge is PNG’s hope,” Yalirima said.
Wenge said despite Morobe being qualified to be divided into two provinces, he did not push for that but fought for the Hela people who had been neglected by successive parliamentarians.
He said Hela was main focus.