Hela governor declares support for clan-vetting exercise


HELA deputy Governor Thomas Potape, pictured, has thrown his support behind the government team involved in the clan-vetting exercise, especially in the PNG LNG project impact areas.
He said that although some clan members have died while waiting for these benefits, the resumption of the exercise announced by Petroleum Minister Fabian Pok on Monday wouldbe welcomed by the people.
“We have leaders on the ground including myself, who will support this. Being a landowner, I’m always vocal about getting the clan-vetting work completed,” he said.
He said issues on the ground would not affect the exercise.
“Some of the fights that are happening in the province will stop once the people receive their royalties and equities. Some of the fighting in the province happen because the people fight over land on which the project is built,” he said.
“Once, they get those payments, I’m sure they will stop.
“Hela people are good people. I know there won’t be any issues with clan-vetting in Hela.
“The clan-vetting exercise should be funded well, too.
“We do not want the team to leave because they have run out of funds to continue the exercise.”