Hela landowners force shutdown

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The National, Friday November 1st, 2013


LANDOWNERS from segment two of the liquefied natural gas project pipeline in Hela forced work to shut down yesterday.

Reports from Tari said disgruntled landowners from segment two of the LNG pipeline converged and forced a halt to construction work there.

The landowners’ action follows a 14-day petition given to the State to address their outstanding ministerial commitments of K6 million as per the Umbrella Benefit Sharing Agreement and the Landowner Benefit Sharing Agreement of 2009.

The landowners were reportedly fed up of government promises and the delay in payments since 2009.

Beneria pipeline segment 2 landowner association chairman George Hato and Pagale Builders and Suppliers Ltd chairman Samuel Mulungu said from Beneria they would not allow the pipeline work to continue unless the government bureaucracy paid them.

“We will not be held responsible for the delay and cost blowout of the developer. The bureaucracy is to be blame,” they said yesterday in a phone interview.