Hela leaders dispute Marape’s appointment

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TARI-Pori MP and Education Minister James Marape’s latest appointment as chairman of the Hela transition authority (HTA) has been disputed by some local leaders from Southern Highlands province.
They are of the view that another leader should take the responsibility because of Mr Marape’s commitments as the Education Minister.
They said he contradicted himself when he said last Easter weekend that SHP Governor Anderson Agiru had a lot of current responsibilities.
Tari-Dali ward councillor and Hulia local level government vice-president Steven Kamia, believed the National Executive Council (NEC) decision to appoint the minister “is politically motivated”.
“The people’s expectation was to see Mr Agiru take over the HTA which they think will assist in the development plans of the Hela region before the 2012 general elections.
“Southern Highlanders and Hela people were shocked about the announcement.
“We are not against Mr Marape, but we are against the NEC’s decision,” Mr Kamia said in Lae yesterday.
He said the NEC must reconsider this appointment.
Mr Marape, as the new chairman, has publicly denied any intentions to become the new province’s governor but will concentrate on his Tari-Pori district seat.