Hela people want a forum

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The National

THE people of Hela, especially the educated elites, want the Government to hold a development forum in the province.
The present task force set up by the Government will not get the necessary and vital feedback compared to a forum where the people can share ideas and thoughts.
I dare to say that 99% of the time, we do not know where the task force team is and what it is doing.
As such, I recommend that the task force team arranged for a Hela province development forum where it will get more feedback than working in isolation.
There is a well-founded fear among Hela people that the province might end up in chaos and corruption will be rampant as the province is the host to the multi-billion kina LNG project.
The people want to see the “Hela vision” as the mother of development and progress.
If Jiwaka can hold a similar development forum, why can’t Hela?



Concerned Hela man
Via email