Hela’s renovated Hawa prison set to reopen

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THE Hawa prison in Hela is expected to re-open in three months, according Correctional Services Minister Roy Biyama.
He was in Tari last Friday with CS acting commissioner Stephen Pokanis.
“Let’s no waste any more time. Begin work immediately by getting the prisoners here,” Biyama said.
The two were in Hela upon the request of Hela Governor Philip Undialu to see the renovations made to the prison.
Pokanis said the prison was ready.
“We begin immediately to bring in prisoners, then we can talk about other things,” he said.
The Hela government has been pursuing the reopening of Hawa to accommodate prisoners from the province.
Biyama agreed with Undialu to reopen Hawa by July this year.
Undialu also said the provincial government would rectify the law and order process in the province.
“With the minister’s announcement, we are grateful that our efforts to complete the law and order process is now coming to an end,” he said.
“We will continue to fund areas where our responsibilities lie. I am determined to get it done by July.”
“So between now and July, CS and provincial government officers will work together to get operational requirements organised and CS officers’ necessities ready.”
Another 15 warders will be sent to Hawa to support the 15 already there.

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